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The easy way to send messages for SMS Marketing & Reminders

Cloud Telecom delivers SMS services to the professional market, enabling them to communicate with their customers and business partners in a quick, secure and simple way. SMS is the fastest way to send messages, PIN Codes, Alerts and for Marketing Campaigns.
Our services include SMS Bulk (Outbound), SMS two-way (Inbound).

We have made it easy for you to use SMS services, by offering them as:

"Pay-as-you-Go" services

No Set-Up Fee, No Monthly Fee, No Notice Periode - Just "Pay-as-you-Go"!
You can also choose a plan with Monthly fee and get lower prices on SMS if you have volumes over 10.000 SMS/Month.
After your first purchase, we will send you a value code with 50 Credits that you can redeem and they will be add to your account for future use.

Open a test account, and try our SMS Services for FREE.

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or send "PROSMS" to (+47) 950 10000 and we will call you back for a chat!

SMS Bulk (Outbound SMS)
This service is used for sending mass SMS messages to consumers - also known as A2P SMS.
The service can of course also be used for smaller volumes and to send a single message.
Here are some of the features and services we provide:
Contact Management, Upload your Contacts, send to one and one or groups etc.
Personalize your message, merge personal info from uploaded contacts and documents
Campaigns, send SMS include QR-codes, links, etc.
Long messages, 160+ characters
Dynamic real time routing
Dynamic Sender, maximum 11 characters, e.g. "CompanyName"
Number portability, we know which operator your customer belongs to
Number Lookup, Info about the number, operator, etc.
Local Time stamp, time zone of the recipient
Delivery Report
Unicode GSM or UCS-2
Advances error codes

SMS 2-way Inbound SMS
Send and receive messages via a short number or a Virtual Mobile Numbers (also called long numbers)
Services included:
All services for SMS Bulk +
Short Code, 4 or 5 digits. Norway only
Virtual Mobile Number/longnumbers - available in 34 countries*
Keywords Free use
Campaigns create campaigns, get details of the response
Single- and double Opt-in, Opt-out

There are no set up fee or monthly subscriptions fee for using 2-way services with shared longnumbers under the "Pay-as-you-Go" price plan. Only a smal extra charge per Message you are receiving and sending.

* Virtual Mobile Numbers/Longnumbers are available in the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hang Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States of America.

You can also subscribe for your own longnumber. Contact us for prices by clicking on "Contact" in the heather!

SMS Gateway
With an integration to our APIs you get direct access to send Bulk SMS, use the SMS 2-way services, both nationally and internationally. We cover over 800 mobile network with more than 4 billion subscribers. Via our SMS Gateway and our APIs you can access and use the above mentioned services.

Payment options

ProSMS is a competitive Pre-Paid SMS Service
It is easy to top-up your account and you can start sending SMS immediately after your purchase is validated.

You buy "Credits" and will be charged from 1,5-6 Credits per SMS, depending on the operator you are sending the SMS message to.
The price per Credit will decrease with the amount of Credits you are buying, and you will get up to 45% discount on larger volumes.

If you have volums higher than 15-20.000 SMS per month, please Contact us direct for special pricing.
Norway/Sweden/UK: 1 SMS = 3 Credits

We accept VISA/MasterCard/PayPal
You can also pay for the service over your mobile subscription (NB! Only for Norwegian mobile subscriptions, from November 2016)
Send "prosms xxx" to 2388.
E.g. "prosms 200" means you are buying Credits for NOK 200. (1.125 Credits)


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Global Coverage

Cloud Telecom's ProSMS service has global coverage and we can deliver to more than 800 mobil networks and nearly 4 billion mobil subscribers in over 200 countries.

For more information you can contact us or go to our website by clicking here!

Contact us for more info

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing “Mobile First” is a new buzzword, but more and more enterprises and businesses understand that this is not only a buzzword! It´s soon the only way to be found on the Internet.

You can click this link: =>Marketing&Mobile<=, to read more about Mobile Marketing on our mobile marketing websites.

Is´s a fact that only 1 of 4 businesses has a web site that is responsive. That means the content can be difficult to read for the buyer when accessing your website with their smartphone, hence they will not buy the product or service from you!

Did you know that in Norway:
- 79% of the mobile phones are “smartphones”
- 85% of the Norwegians are using their smartphone to search for goods and services before they buy it
- more than 80% are positive for Mobile Marketing on their smartphone

If you do not position your company on the mobile media and mobile customized web pages, you will get problems in the coming years. Whenever more of the traffic comes from mobile, you should make sure your websites adapted to this use pattern.
With our tools and platform you can build your “Next-Generation” web sites and also build Mobile Campaigns in minutes. Our tool is based on “drag and drop”, which make it easy and you don´t have to be a developer to build great Mobile Campaigns. Using our services you can be sure that your new Mobile Websites will work on ALL smartphones.
If you prefer we can create everything for you, whether it is a complete website, a mobile website or a campaign. We are here to help you!
Some of the tools and modules we offer are:

- Mobile Marketing CMS solution
- Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program, e-coupons
- eCoupons
- eTickets
- eMembership Cards
- ePunchCards
- eEventTickets
- Wi-Fi Marketing
- SMS and MMS services for the distribution and marketing
- Mobile payment - SMS payment and credit card
- QR Codes
- IBeacons
- Mobile App Builder - Create your own Apps
- Statistics and analysis of all campaigns, in terms of distribution and answers/feedback
- Integration with your company's CRM system
Is your website mobile customized? Want to sell more?
Please contact us for a chat, it's just pressing the button, then you are one step closer to a new and better solution!
You can also click on this link: => marketing & mobile <=, to read more about Mobile Marketing on our mobile marketing websites.

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